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The city I live in
This is more of a chat thread... But In my city (Christchurch, New Zealand) I am a street sign geek and I always look at the signs that point to towns/suburbs and also the ones that say what the street name is but I cannot seem to understand why there are like 30+ types of street name signs all randomly dotted around.

There are the ones I know:
Default (New Type): Blue, White text which has Proper Capitalisation, a White tip at the end of it towards the direction of the street (some face the opposite way) 
"The Blandy" A little older: Blue, White Text which had Proper Capitalisation, typically dirty
"The Blandy but CAPITALS" Blue, white text that has ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, typically dirty
"Weird" Blue, very thin white text, very thin white tip at the end that doesn't touch the top and bottom due to the blue sign panels holding the sign.
Old~ish (and you can only see them on Brougham Street): White, Black text, square-like letters, typically dirty
Oldest: Black, white text, you can barely see what they say. square-like letters
Lighty Newey: A fresh, glowy, good blue that is a great reflector coated with pristaline, and it reflects a rainbow when sun hits it, white text with the Proper Sign Highway Font! Only seen at traffic lights but they're common on the intersections of Fitzgerald ave
Burnside triangle area sign: Like lighty newey but The St, Rd, Ave, etc. is small on the right top corner of the sign. I see it on corner Greers rd and wairakei rd and corner Jennifer st and wairakei rd 

Then there are those occasional rare strange ones:

Ive seen this on Riccarton road and blighs road: a really blue, white text, like the 'Weird" sign above, but very.... idk how to explain it but it gives me a strange feeling and looks very weird. I think it is also on Cnr Connemara dr and johns rd in Northwood too..

I've seen this on corner uxbridge st. and northcote road and veitches road/sawyers arms road: The sign is like the Proper Capitalised Blandy from Above, but it uses Segoe UI Bold font!

Riccarton road also has that blandy which is proper capitalised, but in Arial font!

Cnr Innes rd/cranford st: The innes road street sign used to have like the Old~ish white with black text sign but it had Red < and > arrows pointing the street.

Go onto google maps if you don't believe me or you wanna check it out for yourself.

I'm really geeking out sorry.

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