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Kia Ora
I'm brad and I'm from new zealand
gigantic street name sign geek
I love curry and sushi
and yeah I love udu

Gucci peace my cuzzies

[Image: Sh5T4Tn.png]
Miles Driven: 3,000+
XP Level: Close to hitting 100.
Well welcome to the UD forums!
From Toronto
Founder and Owner of the Canrolinas Driving Universe (we need help)
The Canrolinas Driving Universe discord join the discord! CDU Flagship game
Welcome! Hope your having a great time here Cuz I am
The International Driving Universe Developer & Co-Owner 2019

Hello, colonial! Welcome to the Ultimate Driving forums, hope you make yourself feel as welcome as we did when we first landed on your little island!
"Zulus! Thousands of 'em!"

[Image: wQU2Hgl.png]
CoA w/ all the blood links to I have countries
Thumbs Up 
W E L C O M E !  Big Grin
Have fun
Fiat Multipla is luxury, faster, reliable and better looking than supershitcars.
People who think is ugly, that means you are UGLY BECOUSE YOU CANNOT AFFORD ONE!
Welcome to the UD Forums where amazing things happen.
Developer of DriveTime Studios (DT)

Southwest and Mid-Atlantic developer

Long time member of these forums (3 years)

You don't ever want to face me in a rap battle Angry 

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