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UD Bugs/Thoughts on the Update
The Chevy Silverado has a major bug when you try to change the rim color only one of the rim changes and same thing for for the tire change it changes the front tire but not the back. I don't know if this is a bug or not because the Dodge Demon goes almost as fast as the Saleen S7 turbo.Same on he corrvette ZR1. On the freeway I hit 221 top speed on the Demon with a Basic boost. With the Corrvette ZR1 I hit 240 with a Basic boost pack that is reallly fast compared to the Saleen S7. Man these Noobs that join the game are so lucky because there starter car is the Demon for these remaining days. I'm still looking forward on these next updates on Ulimate Driving. I'm hoping we can get a Lambo Urius? Or what would be cool a convertable car? BMW Z4?.The only thing that I didn't like was that TwentyTwoPilots got rid of the badges and brand on the vechile. Oh I was so excited when they added the Tesla Model X. But I'll have to Grind for it for maybe a Hour because I have the most amazing car the Saleen S7 turbo that I can grind with.

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