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The sunlight on UD looks terrible.
There is a major issue on UD that is preventing me from regularly playing. Ever since Legacy lighting was removed, the developers have failed to adjust the game's lighting to look good with Voxel. It currently looks extremely unrealistic and hurts my eyes. Simply put, it looks horrid and I am sure if more effort is put into making it look decent it might look somewhat bearable. Ultimate Driving looked far better when it was still using Legacy lighting.

Please fix the issue. Make it look atleast tolerable. I do not mean to sound harsh, but my criticisms are to improve the game. I don't feel motivated to play the game when it feels like it's murdering my eyes. Visuals are extremely important and I hope the issue is resolved soon.  This should be your top priority.
"hi, I set my standards idiotically high and as a result you all suck, that is all"

go nitpick someone else's game, the lighting settings look perfectly fine and I don't particularly care for your overly dramatic whining
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