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Do you feel OG when these games are part of the UDU?
Hey guys, I have a question for you. Who remembers these OG UD Games?

UD: Noyan by xxdebilexx

UD: Sunshine City by Hydrolock

UD: Biscayne by Hydrolock

UD: Terra Ceia by Hydrolock

UD: Burlington by JakeFromRoblox

If you guys do know, all these games give us memories about all the old times of UD. I'm not OG on UD, but when you play these games that are open with no UDU equipment, they make you feel OG. Not only that, the games by xxdebilexx are still open after almost a year. I don't know what is happening to the UD after 2018, but things keep changing. Let us hope for all these games to be rehosted or reopened with no UDU equipment. 

And since these games are gone, we had new ones for 2019.

UD: New Charlestown, Massachusetts is like the new UD: Biscayne

UD: Kent Island is the new UD: Terra Ceia

UD: Monroe is kinda like UD: Sunshine City. 

I think you guys miss UD: Noyan the most since you love Canada.
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(10-19-2019, 04:08 PM)FlyinScotsman Wrote: since you love Canada.
Wait what

Also I wonder what will happen to Burlington. I think it could had been repleaced with New Charlestown, but I'm not sure. I hope at some point we can actually see a Boston in the UD universe.
The Universe is HUGE, Why don't we just... explore it?

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Elk Mills 

This is not going anywhere 
I remember UD: Noyan. It was the best.
It's cold in Canada.

This is why I play video games.
I remember all of the games but UD: Noyan was cool because it was Canadian, you had to switch to metric measurement which was unique and also they spoke French with French names like Rue Claude

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Monroe is decidedly nothing like Sunshine City ever was.
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(10-20-2019, 07:42 PM)poorchoices Wrote: Monroe is decidedly nothing like Sunshine City ever was.

Oh ok.
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