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How to play UD on PS3/PS4/Steering Wheel
1. You plug your controller or steering wheel to your computer.

2. You go to and download it.

3. Once it is downloaded you setup your controls.

4. Once you are done you join UD and your all done!

NOTE: If you have a shifter or paddle shifters with your steering wheel, use it for manual mode, and If you have petals with your steering wheel use them for forward and reverse.
I don’t have a PS3 or PS4.  I used to have a PS3, but it broke in 2011.  I never had a PS4 in my life.
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Interesting I guess? I mean I don't own a PS3 in my entire life and I have a PS4, but tbh, I think I'm better playing UD on my PC.
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This is not going anywhere 
I owned a PS3 as a kid who loved video games but honestly im used to the PC Controls.

I wouldn't purchase a full Playstation steering wheel just for ultimate driving though

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