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Lost all of my progress on Ultimate Driving..?
Hello, my name is rootywatoody2,

Alright, so I'm away from home right now, and I decided to hop on Ultimate Driving. I join my private server to get some miles in, and then I come up with a "cannot obtain your progress," and it claims that the progress is safe? I feel like someone behind the API is tampering with people's progress - it will not come back no matter what I try, and when I click "retry," nothing happens.

Granted, last night, some toxic child threatened to report me and my friends for absolute crap, and really it was his own fault for why he wanted to report us. I don't know why I'm coming to these conclusions, but I feel like this might partially have to do with it.

Still, I feel like someone (if possible), has deleted my save data after 4 years of playing this game. This is literally the worst thing someone could do, and I don't know why anyone could do it. I had over 8k miles, and I had around 2.056 million dollars, all of that has been taken away from me.

You see, it won't work for me, but my friend here, he can get on without any problems. I am very, very, VERY disappointed in Ultimate Driving, as this game has been my favourite game for the past 2 and a half years. 

Someone please investigate this if possible, I don't know why this happened, I don't know how it happened, I'd like to know why/how it happened, and if they can restore my save or not. 

Thanks. -rootywatoody2

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What ultimate driving game were you playing?
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Yeah, If it is a classic game that does happen

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Your stats are fine Roblox had an outage earlier.

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