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First cars?
I know this was posted a while ago but I'm too lazy to go through and find it so new thread.

I just got my first car. 2002 BMW 323i (aka E46 Sedan), in manual too. I'm gonna try and post the images in the attachments and pray this works. (update, didn't work so here's a link to my Tweet)

What did you guys get?
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My technical first car was a white 90's 2 door longbox Chevy Silverado 1500 that had a multitude of issues, but I never count that because it really was just the vehicle I drove until I got an actual car that wasn't just our crap truck. My actual first vehicle was a gray (that gray that almost looks purple) 2003 Ford Escape. I miss that thing just for how hilarious is was, as it had an exhaust leak that made it sound like a constant wet fart and the suspension was shot so it would actually jump off the ground on some bigger bumps/dips. It also had an issue driving in water, as the motor would cut out any time you did.

I ended up trading it in for a fourwheeler (Kawasaki KFX450r).

P.S. I ended up still owing money for the fourwheeler because it was worth more than the Escape.
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Currently, I don’t own a car, so what is my first car is left open until I got and owned it.
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