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Hello, the name I go by is Zharkan, I have been playing UD since the Camaro was a boxy car, diablo being the fastest... Fun game, I like cars and making money, I decided to make a forum account to appeal my discord ban but it got denied so I am now just gonna use it to complain about the things I don't like in the game like long night times lol
Fun fact about me: I have lived in over 5 countries 

What about you? Got any fun facts about yourself you would like to share?
Huh. Five countries and he still never learned to respect authority, follow rules, and learn when he is wrong and won't win the fight he is fighting. Shame.
-Tyler, UD Moderation Supervisor Twitter: @Mister_Freakout
Ex-Tire Technician, LRSC Police Officer Training Program Graduate

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