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PLEASE READ: Regarding the use of UD Names / Brands
[Since the Announcements feature is bugged currently, re-posting this]

This is meant to clarify the usage of UD names, brands or logos outside of the universe, such as fan creations. UD names refers to any town name, game name or developer name associated to the UD. Brands refer to things such as our official fan group, this website, and any other creations brought on as official UD entities. Logos refers to things such as game logos, developer logos and the UD logo associated with our creations.

For UD names:
You are allowed to:
*Use town names in fictional content so long as it is not conveyed that such town has any direct relation with the non-UD content in question
*Use developers names as credits
*Use game names in publications such as reviews, etc.
You are NOT allowed to:
*Use town names in your own games or include such on signs as this implies your game is linked to ours
*Use the "UD" name in any unofficial game title, or otherwise promote it as a UD game without explicit permission from the UDU itself
*Create fake profiles using developer names or otherwise associated to developers without their permission

UD Brands
You are allowed to:
*Mention UD brands in your own creations as long as they do not imply an official relation with the UDU
*Link to UD brands
You are NOT allowed to:
*Create spinoffs of official brands
*Create your own brands with the UD name, without explicit permission given from the UDU

UD logos
You are allowed to:
*Use official logos in works about the UD so long as said work is not a game itself
You are NOT allowed to:
*Use official logos in created games or groups
*Create logos and say they are associated to the UDU

We hope this makes it more clear on what you can do with UDU owned things. Those who do things listed in NOT allowed sections will be subject to punishment including and upto permanent banning from all UDU games.
~ Matt
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