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PSA: Bypassing the minimum character limit in posts
So, a number of you have and continue to bypass the 30-character minimum post limit when posting. I'm here to tell you that doing this is in fact a violation of forum rules and you will be assessed warnings for EACH violation. Each warning is 10%, and you may want to read up on what happens when your warning level increases to a certain percent.

That limit exists to keep the shitty posts out of the forum. Furthermore, the way people are bypassing it is absolutely ridiculous. I have already handed out several warnings for this and will continue to do so until people get the message. And if people really want to keep doing it, I'll up the minimum to 45 characters and start assessing 20% warnings for each violation.

This limit is there because in my opinion, if you can't say something that is more than 30 characters your post is most likely not a quality one and therefore we do not want it on the forum. If your post isn't a good one, you shouldn't post it.

If you can't make your post long enough to meet the minimum requirement without resorting to adding in total filler shit like "303030303030" or anything along those lines, I invite you to read up on what elaboration is and use the knowledge gained to make your posts better. For those who can't be bothered to look it up, it means to explain in further detail. So instead of just responding "No", you would respond with "No, here is why that is a bad idea..." or something along those lines. It promotes conversation. Simply posting one or two words does not.

Consider this a formal warning. I've seen several people do it and I will relentlessly hand out warnings each time I see it.
~ Matt
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