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A large amount of people are recently have been trying to enforce the forum rules despite them not being officially appointed to do so. There is a large difference between suggesting to follow the rules, and telling someone to follow the rules. When the latter is done, you are minimodding.

A good example is the bumping of old threads. Whenever someone does it, it seems like the same people HAVE ago chime in and tell them to not bump old threads. The problem is that the people who are chiming in are NOT moderators or administrators and therefore have no right to tell other members what to do. Furthermore, in this example, the specific rule calls not to "...bump old threads UNLESS meaningflul content is being added". If the discussion is continuing as related to the original topic, the content is meaningful and the bump is justified.

I'm tired of seeing people think they know the rules better then I or the staff here. You are not a moderator, so do. It act like one. If someone is breaking the rules, to the best of your knowledge, then kindly use the report post feature to send it to us so we can review.But saying "DONT BUMP OLD THREADS OMG!!!!1!1!1!!" is minimodding and I really have an immense dislike for those who minimod.

Consider this a formal warning. Most of the posts complaining about someone are also crap posts too, so you should also rethink that as well. Those who continue to minimod will find warnings being dealt to them.

We are the staff, and we have the final say on what is and isn't breaking the rules. If you aren't staff, then you don't have the authority to act upon our behalf.

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