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FAQ about Loading/Saving Stats - Matt - 11-30-2016

The UDU is unique in that we employ a rather sophisticated and complex approach to storing player stats across the universe. We utilize a SQL database along with an API to allow our games to preform actions such as saving and loading against the database.

Because all of our games are linked to this database, your stats are able to be accessed in any official UDU game. Our old method was unable to have this cross game functionality.

One immediate drawback however is if the server is unable to reach the database for any reason, the stats will not load and nothing will be saved to the database.

When there are database issues, people are worried about their stats being corrupted or wiped. We have several protective measures in place to prevent this, namely preventing the saving of stats to the database once the game is unable to connect or retrieve data from the database. Once this occurs, nothing will be sent to the database UNTIL the game is able to establish a full connection to the database again.

What this means is your stats will never be overwritten when the database experiences issues because they are programmed not to send the request in the first place once it is identified there is a connection issue.

So while the database or site experiencing issues is a nuisance, there is no reason to panic because your stats are safely stored and will not be overwritten by the "default" data that occurs when stats are not able to be loaded.

If the site experiences issues, the database is succeptible to the same issues. However, while these are occurring, do. Or panic, and if no one has mentioned any issues, please report it to an admin who will notify me to look into it. Please do. Or slam that your purchases are gone because they are not, the database was just unable to retrieve them temporarily.

This should hopefully clear everything up about the stat system. Please keep this in mind the next time you experience issues.