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Maps of traffic cameras in (most) UD Games
Ever been fined for speeding? Well say no more!

Phil swift here with brand new traffic camera maps! If you don't know where they are, you can just use this nifty map guide to see where each camera is! 
okay this is a map of most major ud games with the locations of speed cameras added. i'll get to adding noyan's later

Speed Cameras are the red dots and the lines are where the fine trigger is at


[Image: L9Co8C9.png]


[Image: OhntjWM.png]

Delancy Gorge (Fun fact: The two that are left were taken from Gerald Ferry, which was ripped from UD: Newark)

[Image: eB50M5V.png]

Pleasant Valley

[Image: QpzzBsa.png]


[Image: aDpbZbB.png]

I also made one for Biscayne (which isn't even in an alpha stage!)

[Image: pH9QrcG.jpg]

I'll work on more traffic camera maps when I get the time (such as Noyan, and other games that get released)
This must have taken a while to make. Wow.
- NotPancake

Long time UD player, own a lot. Have every gamepass.
What kind of boredom is this?!?!
Pee is stored in the balls 誕横ゅ扱ト影
The cams in Biscayne do what?

Goodness, that is some strict speed enforcement.
imma nerd. kk yay Smile

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Developer of a small driving universe. Yea.
this is actually pretty damn cool long did you take????
like me and my "as a citizen" series
those were the days
eagles won
If I'm not mistaken, the cameras near Palm Shores are broken currently. Not that it's a bad thing.
[Image: 07e463d4a96fabb014c3b71ad855ad49.png]

[Image: XpM5vep.png]
The kensington and palm shores cameras don't work except for the speed cams by the spawn, none of the red light cameras work, and the speed cameras in westover don't always catch you, and the cameras at the intersection of westover gas towards woodbury will miss your vehicle if you drive down the center lane correctly
[Image: despacito.png]
Well you cant play Biscayne anymore because hydro shut it down along with all of his other UD games
The only working Noyan speedtraps are the Ste-Martine ones. The border ones are all cosmetic only.
[Image: 07e463d4a96fabb014c3b71ad855ad49.png]

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