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  PLEASE READ: Regarding the use of UD Names / Brands
Posted by: Matt - 12-08-2016, 08:41 PM - Forum: Site News - No Replies

[Since the Announcements feature is bugged currently, re-posting this]

This is meant to clarify the usage of UD names, brands or logos outside of the universe, such as fan creations. UD names refers to any town name, game name or developer name associated to the UD. Brands refer to things such as our official fan group, this website, and any other creations brought on as official UD entities. Logos refers to things such as game logos, developer logos and the UD logo associated with our creations.

For UD names:
You are allowed to:
*Use town names in fictional content so long as it is not conveyed that such town has any direct relation with the non-UD content in question
*Use developers names as credits
*Use game names in publications such as reviews, etc.
You are NOT allowed to:
*Use town names in your own games or include such on signs as this implies your game is linked to ours
*Use the "UD" name in any unofficial game title, or otherwise promote it as a UD game without explicit permission from the UDU itself
*Create fake profiles using developer names or otherwise associated to developers without their permission

UD Brands
You are allowed to:
*Mention UD brands in your own creations as long as they do not imply an official relation with the UDU
*Link to UD brands
You are NOT allowed to:
*Create spinoffs of official brands
*Create your own brands with the UD name, without explicit permission given from the UDU

UD logos
You are allowed to:
*Use official logos in works about the UD so long as said work is not a game itself
You are NOT allowed to:
*Use official logos in created games or groups
*Create logos and say they are associated to the UDU

We hope this makes it more clear on what you can do with UDU owned things. Those who do things listed in NOT allowed sections will be subject to punishment including and upto permanent banning from all UDU games.

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  FAQ about Loading/Saving Stats
Posted by: Matt - 11-30-2016, 11:08 AM - Forum: Site News - No Replies

The UDU is unique in that we employ a rather sophisticated and complex approach to storing player stats across the universe. We utilize a SQL database along with an API to allow our games to preform actions such as saving and loading against the database.

Because all of our games are linked to this database, your stats are able to be accessed in any official UDU game. Our old method was unable to have this cross game functionality.

One immediate drawback however is if the server is unable to reach the database for any reason, the stats will not load and nothing will be saved to the database.

When there are database issues, people are worried about their stats being corrupted or wiped. We have several protective measures in place to prevent this, namely preventing the saving of stats to the database once the game is unable to connect or retrieve data from the database. Once this occurs, nothing will be sent to the database UNTIL the game is able to establish a full connection to the database again.

What this means is your stats will never be overwritten when the database experiences issues because they are programmed not to send the request in the first place once it is identified there is a connection issue.

So while the database or site experiencing issues is a nuisance, there is no reason to panic because your stats are safely stored and will not be overwritten by the "default" data that occurs when stats are not able to be loaded.

If the site experiences issues, the database is succeptible to the same issues. However, while these are occurring, do. Or panic, and if no one has mentioned any issues, please report it to an admin who will notify me to look into it. Please do. Or slam that your purchases are gone because they are not, the database was just unable to retrieve them temporarily.

This should hopefully clear everything up about the stat system. Please keep this in mind the next time you experience issues.

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  Server Instability
Posted by: Matt - 09-29-2016, 11:52 AM - Forum: Site News - No Replies

Hello players:

We are aware of issues with our servers that is causing the 508 or limited service error when browsing our site or trying to retrieve/send data from servers. We are in contact with our webhost to resolve these issues.

If you get a 508 error or if the page does not load, give it a minute and try again. Most of the time these interruptions are minor (less than 30 seconds) however they can persist for longer durations.

As always, your stats are safe during any database or server error.

UDU Team

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  Concerning certain types of threads...
Posted by: Matt - 06-27-2016, 12:12 PM - Forum: Site News - No Replies

Recently there have been a lot of threads either attempting to provide back stories to the UDU cities or providing "news" in the UDU cities.

While none of this is against the rules, we would like to remind everyone that all of the cities in the UDU have back stories; We plan to have these somewhere on our website in the near future, but we haven't had the time.

Second, the faux (that's fake for those who didn't know what that word meant) news threads are getting out of hand as well. The signal to noise ratio is very low on some of these threads, and we will start removing or locking threads where the content is not meaningful enough to constitute as non-spam content.

From here on out, please only post ONE topic on things like these. The sheer amount of topics that is cluttering the forums is getting ridiculous. Those who do not follow these rules will be assessed the appropriate penalties.

We appreciate all of the fan made content, however we also need to keep the forums clean so multiple versions of these topics do not clutter the view.

UDU Team

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  A notice on cheating, exploiting, and hacking
Posted by: Matt - 06-24-2016, 06:28 PM - Forum: Site News - No Replies

Recently there has been an influx of players abusing Roblox exploits to hack UDU games. By hacking, we mean stat hacking, and or obtaining things they normally would not have.

This will serve as your only warning - The UDU will not tolerate hacking, cheating or exploiting in any shape or form. Those who are caught cheating or hacking will be permanently banned from all UDU games with no room for discussion. Exploiting things such as game bugs that do not boost your stats but are outside of the intended behavior will result in warnings and temporary bans to permanent bans, based on the severity.

We encourage all players to report anybody you suspect is cheating, hacking or exploiting to the Player Enforcement forum so that we can look further into it.

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Exclamation Migration of forum
Posted by: Matt - 04-03-2016, 02:34 PM - Forum: Site News - No Replies

As many of you have noticed, we have changed forum software from PHPBB to MyBB. This was done because our last PHPBB installation was experiencing issues including login issues, and admins not able to access the administrator control panel. We hope that everything was captured from the migration, and we hope to experience no other issues going forward. If you experience issues, please PM them to an admin so we can look into them.

Thanks again!
-UDU Team

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  UDU Merch!
Posted by: Jake - 03-06-2016, 01:14 AM - Forum: Site News - Replies (8)

As of March 5th, 2016, the UDU has OFFICIAL merch! Be on the lookout to represent your favorite UDU games whether it's a shirt, crew neck, sweatshirt, etc! In order to buy the official merch, you can either buy it through the group itself or buy it from the stores that will be located throughout the universe with the flagship store located in the heart of Burlington. Each store beside the flagship store will feature merch based on the location of the map. For example, the Westover store will have merch only related to Westover. We hope you all enjoy the new merch and look forward to any future ideas you guys have for the clothing!

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Posted by: Alex - 01-26-2016, 05:06 PM - Forum: Site News - Replies (14)

Happy 22nd birthday!

[Image: DAAN8yB.jpg?fb]

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Posted by: Alex - 01-18-2016, 12:14 AM - Forum: Site News - No Replies

Anyone found utilizing unauthorized (stolen) UDU equipment in their game will be subject to immediate termination from any UDU entity and the Roadgeeks group. If you come across someone using unauthorized equipment, report them to us immediately. This is non-negotiable.

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  Server Upgrades
Posted by: Matt - 06-10-2015, 03:25 PM - Forum: Site News - Replies (3)

As many of you have noticed, the Ultimate Driving Universe has gotten a REAL domain name now, and with it, MUCH better servers. Downtimes should theoretically never happen, but you can't rule them out. However, we are excited to have the fanbase we do that actually forced us to upgrade our servers or abandon our data system idea. Naturally, we spent time working on the system, so we decided it was time to upgrade the servers.

I will be creating pages for the main site itself in the next coming days, along with more information about the next Summer Surprise update.

Thanks for your continued support!
-The UDU Team

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